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Cryosurgery For Dogs and Cats: Freeze it don’t cut it

Cryosurgery is a surgical technique which utilizes liquid nitrogen or nitrous oxide to freeze unwanted tissue and consequently destroys it. The tissue which is frozen may take up to 4 weeks to fall off or dissolve but fortunately there is very little discomfort to the pet during this process. Because the surgery does not require cutting and suturing the procedure may be performed with a local anesthetic and/or mild sedation — no general anesthesia is required. The fact that a pet need not be anesthetized for cryosurgery is a great advantage when working an older pet whose liver, kidney and heart may not be in the best of health. Cryosurgery is also a big advantage when attempting to remove a very vascular tumor that would bleed excessively using conventional surgery. Cryosurgery is performed with a special cryosurgery unit that freezes the tissue using either a nitrous oxide or liquid nitrogen probe or spray gun. “Cryo” is generally used on smaller growths and on growths which would be difficult to cut out and suture closed, i.e. wart like skin tumors, malignant oral tumors (squamous cell carcinomas) or tumors on the lower portion of an animal’s leg. The procedure is, for the most part, very safe when performed by a veterinarian having sufficient experience in using this technique. Cryosurgery also provides the advantage that there are no sutures for the pet to lick at, and that fortunately most animals never bother the healing wound.      This is an especially important advantage when removing growths from small rodents that are difficult to restrain from chewing out their sutures.

Most cryosurgery procedures performed on animals do require sedation to keep them from moving but general anesthesia is usually unnecessary.    A local anesthetic may be used along with sedation to minimize the need for full anesthesia.    The actual cryosurgery proceedure involves 3 freeze thaw cycles perform in quick sucession while under the same sedation.   Within 3 to 4 weeks after the cryosurgery the growth will scab over, shrink, and disappear.    Because cryosurgery actually freezes the nerve endings surrounding the growth rarely is there post surgical pain associated with the proceedure.


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