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What Is The Difference Between Holistic and Homeopathic Medicine?

Are you confused by the difference between the terms holistic medicine, homeopathic medicine , alternative medicine, complementary medicine, integrative medicine, natural medicine, vibrational medicine, energy medicine, herbal medicine,  and botanical medicine.   Well don’t feel alone, many  are .   Therefore let me attempt to help clear things up.

Holistic medicine is an umbrella term that includes such therapies as:  clinical nutrition, acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, homotoxicology, functional medicine, herbal or botanical medicine, prolo therapy,  vibrational or energy medicine, detoxification and more.  Holistic medicine views the body as a whole and not as a bunch of isolated organs or organ systems.   The holistic point of view is that no one system functions on its own .   A disease which may on the surface appear to affect only one  organ system actually affects all systems.     Holistic medicine does not attempt to name  or treat individual diseases but does attempt to identify and correct  abnormal body  functions which may underlie many diseases.     Holistic medicine believes that the major underlying causes of  dysfunction include:  malnutrition,  a leaky gut, an unbalanced immune system, an out of control inflammatory response,  poor detoxification,  a deficiency of antioxidants,  a loss of cellular communication, excessive physical and psychologic stress,   spinal misalignment,  neurotransmitter  imbalance and poor hormonal control.

Vibrational medicine, also known as energy medicine or bio resonance therapy,  is another broad category under holistic medicine.   Vibrational medicine includes soft laser therapy, homeopathy, pulsed magnetic therapy, infrasonic therapy, electro-crystal therapy, frequency specific micro current, color therapy and aroma therapy.    All of these different vibrational modalities utilize different forms of energetic vibrations to either reestablish health using resonance frequencies  or destroy  harmful bacteria or viruses using destructive frequencies.    Vibrational medicine also includes the area of hands on healing      Keep in mind that our most brilliant quantum physicist tell us that our world is not that of particles but of waves and frequencies. There is truly nothing solid about are reality.    We and our pets are in a very real sense  energy beings and given that context disease is really a body that is out of tune. Healing then is simply the retuning of the body to a state of vibrational harmony.

Alternative medicine, complimentary medicine, and integrative medicine are all terms that have all been used in place of holistic medicine.   Of these terms integrative medicine comes the closest to the description I use for holistic medicine because it implies the use of both holistic and traditional medicine together.   In its truest form holistic medicine does not exclude traditional medicine but embraces its judicious use when the situation call for it.

“Homeopathy”  is the term that is most often confused with the term  and used in place of  the term “holistic”.   New pet owners who are looking for a holistic veterinary care all too often request the homeopathic approach.   Understand that homeopathy is a specific type of holistic medicine which uses very dilute homeopathic remedies to heal patient.   On the other hand holistic medicine includes not only homeopathy but also many other holistic approaches like acupuncture and chiropractic.

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