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Healing Chronicly Inflammed Tissue With Oxygen Therapy


Regardless of  whether we are talking about pets or people,  chronic inflammatory disease   is closely  associated with  poor blood flow and  poor  oxygenation of the affected  tissue or organ.   The reduced supply of oxygen to the tissue results in a buildup of lactic acid  and a decrease in the number of  electrons available for cellular energy production and healing .   Pain and dysfunction are the end result when  reduced tissue blood flow diminishes available cellular energy necessary  for  healing inflammatory disease.

Now that we understand how  chronic inflammation is related to a decreased tissue blood supply and poor oxygenation  it only makes sense to ask how we can increase the poor blood flow to an inflammed  area .    One of the best ways is to dilate the blood vessels feeding the chronically inflammed tissue.    This can be accomplished in several   ways.   Providing your pet with supplements containing the amino acid arginine produces  vasodilatation by increasing the body’s production of nitric oxide.     A second   way  to promote vasodilatation and increased tissue oxygenation is through acupuncture.   In research studies acupuncture has been shown to stimulate nitric oxide production, dilate blood vessels, and consequently bring more oxygen and healing energy to chronically diseased tissue.      Whether we use arginine supplementation or  acupuncture  the increased tissue oxygenation will decrease unwanted acidity and increase cellular energy  both of  which will encourage damaged tissue to heal.

Regularly exercising your pets is a third way to support tissue oxygenation.      Pets that are encouraged to exercise will have better overall circulation to their tissues.    The better circulation will result in higher  levels of cellular energy and more rapid healing.    Whether you walk, jog, play fetche or Frisbee with your pet the enhanced level of activity and blood flow will definitely benefit both you and your pet.

Another way of  increasing oxygenation of your pet’s organs and tissues is by using nutritional supplements.   Dimethylgycine is a well known nutrient that is used by athletes, both human and animal, to support the immune system and increase endurance by allowing for better tissue oxygenation.     Another nutrient, Mega hydrate,  is an extremely powerful antioxidant that can helps oxygenate, hydrate, and detoxify your pets damaged cells.     Gingko Biloba is a well known herb that causes vasodilation and consequently better tissue oxygenation.   Adding Celtic sea salt to your pet’s food on a daily basis will reduce tissue acidity and help keep the body better oxygenated.    Celtic sea salt is very helpful in treating arthritis and kidney disease.   Regularly feeding your pet fresh colorful veggies will provide additional  antioxidants that will support tissue oxygenation and reduce inflammation.

Massage therapy can be a very pleasant way for you to encourage blood flow to your pet’s  sore or damaged bones, joints and muscles.   With very minimal training you can learn to massage chronicly painful areas and bring healing blood and oxygen into to the tissue.    There are also simple physical therapy techniques you can learn, such as putting damaged joints through their range of motion.   These techniques   will encourage better blood flow to an area  and increase the rate of healing.    Ozone therapy is a way of  adding oxygen to bodily tissues either by giving an ozone enema or by saturating a lactated ringers solution with ozone and then infusing the lactated ringers under the skin.   Oral hydrogen peroxide therapy is one more way of increasing oxygen in the tissues.

The above suggestions for  preventing or limiting inflammatory disease by increasing tissue oxygenation  address healing  your pet at a very fundamental level.      Treating inflammation in this way is much preferred to  using  steroids or non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs which do not heal but simply  mask symptoms of pain and dysfunction.

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