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Holistic Prevention & Treatment of Kidney Disease in Dogs and Cats: Kidney Failure

It is hard for any owner that loves their dog or cat to become comfortable with the fact that these pets age so much more rapidly than we do. This accelerated aging is even more obvious in the larger breeds of dogs that begin to reach their geriatric years between 8 and 10 years of age. A pet’s kidneys are often the weakest link in the aging process and all to frequently the cause of old age death. Things that pet owners can do to support their pet’s ailing kidneys are as follows:

Feed a higher fiber, low protein, high quality protein diet prescription kidney diet available from all veterinarians– or — feed a home made kidney diet by following a receipe that we make available to our patients. The diet will decrease the formation of waste protein toxins, discourage obesity and reduce the work load of the kidney.  The home made kidney diet can be fed either raw  or cooked.

Encourage your dog or cat to drink more by providing lots of fresh water throughout the day. Doing this will promote proper hydration while at the same time flush the kidney and reduce accumulating protein derived toxins. Adding Celtic sea salt to the pet’s food will encourgage drinking, provide trace minerals he or she are likely to be deficient in, and alkalinize the animal’s body. Checking the pet’s blood pressure is recommended, especially when adding salt to the diet, to help detect hypertension often caused by kidney failure. Make sure your dog or cat receives a regular dental prophylaxis to reduce oral bacteria which are injurious to the animals kidneys, liver, and heart. Daily  home dental care is essential for over all good health but particularly important for avoiding progressive kidney damage.

Supplement your dog or cat’s diet with anti-oxidants, systemic enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and glandulars to reduce kidney tissue injury by free radicals and to stimulate natural immunity. Omega 3 fatty acids, Coenzyme Q10 and alpha lipoic acid are 3 important supplements that promotes kidney health.  Systemic enzymes have been shown to reduce scar tissue in the  kidneys of aging dogs and cats.  Homeopathics remedies that can be placed in the pet’s drinking water help promote kidney health  and are easy to administer.   Of course it is better to begin these supplements early on in life before the kidneys have received significant damage and symptoms become apparent. Strategically detoxifying the body with special homotoxicologic and nutritional formulas is an important adjunct to avoiding or treating  kidney disease and most any other disease in the body. Starting these same supplements after kidney damage or kidney failure has been detected will help conserve the remaining kidney cells but will not restore the cells that have died.

Have your veterinarian perform semi annual blood and urine testing to monitor your dog or cat’s  kidney function and to provide an early warning system for the development of other degenerative disease.  Recently a new urine test, the “ERD”  micro albuminuria test, has become available. The ERD test requires only a small amount of urine and can detect evidence of kidney disease much earlier than blood tests and a standard urinalysis.  Any dog or cat over the age of 6 years old should be routinely tested with an ERD test because not only does it detect kidney disease but it is also a screen for inflammatory disease of many other organs.

Acupuncture and chinese herbs like Rehmania have been quite helpful in supporting kidney function.    Electro acupuncture  or laser acupuncture can be performed without needles at the veterinary clinic while  acupressure using the same acupuncture points can be performed at home by the pet’s guardian.     Recent scientific literature out of Europe has shown infrared laser therapy to provide beneficial effects in both kidney and liver disease.  Pulsed magnetic therapy is totally painless and will help restore voltage to damaged kidney cells.    Electro crystal rebalancing (ECR)  is a therapy that broadcast energetic frequency of the chakras to rebalance the body’s energy.    The ECR device  can also be used energize subcutaneous fluids that are commonly sent home with kidney patient to help maintain hydration.   Frequency specific micro current therapy is  a relatively new form of therapy that can be applied over the kidney area and is totally painless and easy to perform.    Infrasonic therapy is another painless therapy that uses a combination of sound and light frequencies to restore cellular function to the kidneys.   Routine chiropractic care can help support kidney health by better establishing nerve conduction to the kidneys. Finally, ozonation of subcutaneous fluid will oxygenate and alkalinize the body and restore voltage to damaged, failing kidney cells.


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