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There are many theories as to why and how acupuncture works in pets and people.     It is believed that  pet acupuncture increases the blood levels of many different substances in the blood and spinal cord.    Cortisone, endorphins, and serotonin are just a few of the body’s pain killing chemicals that are produced when acupuncture is performed.      In just the last few years the discovery that the inner lining of blood vessel produces a substance known as nitric oxide which controls vascular dilation and constriction has led to the most cutting edge theory of acupuncture.

It has been known for some time that  chronic inflammatory areas of the body are often painful and have a decreased blood supply.   This decreased circulation leads to decreased tissue oxygenation and increased tissue acidity in the animals body.   Poor oxygenation and acidity resullt in pain and dysfunction.     In just the last few years  research has discovered that an increase  “nitric oxide synthase” activity   is present around acupuncture meridians channels and acupuncture points.    It is now accepted as  fact that, by causing vaso dilation and vaso constriction, nitric oxide is  a key regulator of  blood circulation and tissue oxygenation.    Research has further shown that when acupuncture is used to treat areas of chronic disease, blood plasma levels of nitric oxide increase and blood flow to those areas subsequently increases.    Double blind studies have shown that when acupuncture was performed on normal body areas the blood flow did not increase whereas it did when acupuncture was used to treat chronicly inflammed tissue.   It is believed that when acupuncture needles are inserted and rotated in soft tissue, they stimulate the fascial sheath  that surrounds cells and increases nitric oxide production, vasodilation, increased tissue oxygenation and pain control.    Of course the production of endorphins, cortisone and serotonin also occurs with acupuncture and no doubt further helps with pain control.

Regardless of which theory is right we continued to be amazed at how effective acupuncture is when treating intervertebral disk disease in dogs and cats.    Many people who can not afford $2500 for an MRI and $3000 for disk surgery have found acupuncture to be a life saver.    Of course acupuncture is also effective for many other  problems such as hip dysplasia, arthritis, chronic licking, and epilepsy.


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